About Ivers Photo & Imaging

Ivers Photo & Imaging is the partnership of Rory Ivers and Mike Ivers. Ours is an apparent anomaly, two brothers who managed to successfully work as a team for decades. Rory focuses primarily on the creative side and Mike handles the business details, each keeping our partnership solvent, and each supporting the other as the need arises. Over the years, we’ve expanded not only what we do but how much we can do from start to finish in-house.

The photography began as an off-shoot from our participation in motor sports racing. Then we needed catalog photography to help market the products we manufactured. Soon after, models and portraiture, then celebrities. Between photo projects, we learned image retouching and desktop publishing. Desktop publishing includes creating press-ready content for everything from postcards to flyers, catalogs and even a 400-page “History of Ferrari” book! As media and marketing evolve, so have our production capabilities which now include email marketing (opted-in only!), vinyl signage (specializing in era-accurate automotive livery) and large format printing and laminating.

Photo and graphic art printing with the HP Z6100PS 60-inch printer

In looking at the many examples of our work, it’s obvious we know our way around sports. For motorsports, from the racetrack to the showroom and the studio, we’ve photographed cars that weeks later sold for millions of dollars. The same kind of successes can be applied to our work with artwork, memorabilia and jewelry. That not only makes a statement about our skills but our trustworthiness too. We take every precaution to ensure that our client’s property is well protected when in our possession. Our clients know that and appreciate our efforts.

Going beyond the usual static automotive photography, we also shoot with gyroscopes to generate action straight from the camera. Photography and videography from one vehicle paced to another at ridiculously slow shutter speeds (just barely above 1/15th of a second) isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s physically demanding (handholding a gyro-equipped camera is brutal!) and requires skilled driving, significant safety precautions and quality cameras and lenses. Gyro-assisted images are a standard for automobile manufacturers and catching on with motorcycles and other motion-centric product. The images are real, not computer-generated, and that comes through to the final product.

Possibly the most satisfying photography are our “people” shots – models, portraiture and celebrities. Going into a shoot, it’s rare to really know just what images we’re going to make. We prepare for the unexpected and we’re confident that they’ll be good but so much depends upon mood, personalities and the notorious X-factor. It’s necessary to adapt to unexpected weather, time constraints and impromptu location choices. But that’s also what makes photography so satisfying and enjoyable. No job is the same and there’s that ever-elusive goal of creating that perfect image. That desire for perfection keeps us hungry, driving us to our best efforts both behind the lens and in whatever post-production work our clientele desires.

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