Post-Production Services – Printing, Mounting & Laminating

Much of our work is put on display for clients in a variety of venues like showrooms, offices, conference rooms, and even on classic, historic automobiles. Whether for proofing or for the finished product, our large format printing is a key part of the creative process. Mounting and laminating also figure into our post-production services. Having the final say in the color, quality and manner of presentation is important for any photographer or graphic artist who truly takes pride in the end result.

Our 60-inch large format printer does an awesome job with photos, posters, advertising and so much more. We’re presently dialing in metallic paper for some very unique images, for that “printed on metal” look.

Large format printing with HP Z6100PS 60-inch printer

Of course, once the image is printed, it should be mounted and laminated to protect it from damage in handling and harmful UV light. We’ve added volume-capable mounting and lamination to our post-processing in-house toolbox. We also offer lamination suitable for writing, most often used on our wall calendars for companies scheduling common events for employees, etc.

Printing, Mounting & Laminating

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing takes a project from concept to product. Our primary desktop publishing tool is Adobe InDesign. Using ID, we can create projects – from simple post cards and posters, to magazine print and digital ads, to hard cover books. Output can be printed by a multi-million dollar offset press or paperless (PDF or digital images). With Adobe Acrobat Professional, we can also convert a typical word processing file into a form of any type.

Vinyl Signage

Vinyl signage is very common with so many sign companies doing banners, parking signs, etc. We offer something a bit more sophisticated when we recreate the livery found on vintage or historic race cars. During the restoration of a vehicle like that, it’s unavoidable that any stickers or other branding will be destroyed. By photographing the original artwork, or referencing good quality period photos, we can digitally recreate the artwork, then either reprint or cut out the new graphics so the restored vehicle is as historically accurate as possible. When an automotive concours judge evaluates the car, every little detail is important. The graphics are especially important so we put that extra effort into making sure your restoration project is as perfect as possible.
Special Graphics, vinyl signage and vintage racecar livery
Special Graphics, vinyl signage and vintage racecar livery

Graphic designed for vintage 962 Porsche

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